Interior decoration for cruise ships, yachts, aircraft, hotels, offices and private residences
Interior decoration

Careful planning and highest quality
Private dwelling or major project, series production or one off – careful planning is always a must, whatever the decorative solution.

Being internationally active, and always using materials of the best possible quality, means that production at baumeister programm is always based on precise dimensioning and sampling.

This ensures that, once products are in place and undego final acceptance on the part of the customer, the only surprises are positive ones.

baumeister programm worldwide
The world over, baumeister programm plans, samples, manufactures and fits products, from the simple curtains to lavish upholstery and sophisticated sun protection systems, to the highest possible quality standards.

If required, apart from its systems, baumeister programm will also develop new textiles and fabrics to meet the relevant fire protection regulations, for example. baumeister programm is also happy to support interior designers and building-owners in developing comprehensive fabric specifications.